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Rounded Business
Are you fed up with defective spare parts, untrustworthy delivery times and poor customer service? Meet We supply a very detailed product range of spare parts since 2006. Rounded is using its experience and network of trusted manufacturers / certified suppliers to get its customers to best quality as fast as possible.
What is Rounded Business?
Our product range consist of older and newer models within various product categories and brands. Quality and originality are the 2 standards which every product has to pass before it is added to our catalog. Discounts are ofcourse an important factor of your Rounded Business account. We are, due to various discount levels, able to offer you a very good price.
Our staff from the business department will be happy to explain you more about the Rounder level system. Please check the 7 advantages below to have an even better picture of Rounded Business.
Can I join Rounded Business? 
Rounded Business is specially designed for repair centres, wholesalers, in-company repair departments and telecom companies. Join Rounded Business today and receive a free set of ESD gloves as welcome gift. 

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De 7 advantages in a row.
1. Very wide product range (70.000+ products)
2. On date calculated delivery times 
3. Better shipping rates on multiple shipping methods
4. Privet helpdesk with personal login
5. High discount due to Rounder levels
6. Fast communication and handling of returns
7. Free set of ESD gloves 
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"You can easely manage all of your shipments with our unique (back) order manager. Questions and returns will be handled in a professional and fast way. Start a business relationship and increase your profit''